If you're an independent operator, see if a Hertz re-brand makes sense for you.

How could you benefit from association with a globally recognized brand like Hertz?
Let us count the ways:

  • You would inherit a trusted reputation for quality and reliability
  • You would become a destination within the largest airport general use car rental brand in the world
  • You would provide your customers with the convenience and technology they expect in today's market
  • You would enjoy the virtually built-in business that Hertz Reservations can provide

You Already Have What You Need

If you're an independent rental car company, you already have almost everything you need:

  • An existing location
  • An existing fleet
  • Existing staff

We Have the Rest

Hertz has taken great pride in developing a tried and true operating system over the past 90 years. In that time we have also established a brand name that resonates with consumers around the globe. The combination of our name and our systems is what sets Hertz apart. We can share these benefits with you.

Learn more about re-branding with Hertz.

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